Red Mesa Chapter

Our Story

During the last 50 years, new residents have moved into the area because of intermarriage with Red Mesa residents and because of employment opportunities with the schools and the energy companies. Residents in the area are mostly of the Red House People, Mexican People, Bitter Water People and the Red Bottom People Clans. 

Prior to 1967, the current Red Mesa Chapter area was part of the Mexican Water Chapter and Teecnospos Chapter. Because of the long distances and unpaved roads, the Red Mesa community members requested a separate chapter designation; this was granted by the Navajo Tribal Council and certified in August of 1967. The Red Mesa Chapter is located near a unique and strikingly beautiful large mesa. The reddish mesa is located southeast of the Chapter House. 

The Red Mesa Chapter conducts meetings monthly to keep residents informed; residents have a forum to express their opinions to their Navajo Nation Council Delegate or to decide on matters concerning the chapter.

Herman Farley
Vice President
Marilyn Holly
Marlene Dee-Ben
Grazing Official

Leonard Begay

Council Delegate
Curtis Yanito